How to Pressure Wash Interlocking Pavers Properly

Pressure washing

Outdoor interlocking pavers are a great way to create an attractive and low-maintenance hardscape around your home. But all that use can lead to dirt, grime, and stains that can detract from the look of your property. Fortunately, pressure washing can take care of all that in no time.

Know Your Pressure Washer Settings

Before you start power washing your patio or driveway, ensure you know the correct settings for your specific pressure washer. Different surfaces require different settings to achieve the best results without damaging them. To determine which settings are best for interlocking pavers, check with the manufacturer or refer to the product manual before you begin pressure washing.

Choose an Appropriate Cleaner

Cleaners made specifically for outdoor surfaces are available for interlocking pavers, ranging from mild detergents to more heavy-duty cleaners. Be sure to choose a cleaner designed specifically for power washers. If not, it might not be strong enough to do the job effectively or could cause damage to your pavers by leaving a white film behind after cleaning. You’ll also want to avoid using any cleaners with bleach or acid as they could cause discoloration or fading of the paver surface over time.

Use A Wide Angle Spray Nozzle

When you’re ready to begin power washing, be sure you’re using a wide-angle spray nozzle rather than one with a smaller spray pattern. A wide-angle nozzle will help ensure even coverage over large areas like driveways and patios without leaving any spots untreated. It will also help keep water from pooling up in one spot and causing damage due to excessive force against one section of stone or brickwork.

You should be confident when you take on your next pressure-washing project with interlocking pavers if you follow these tips! Depending on factors such as surface type, area size, etc., adjust the strength of the cleaning solution and pressure washer settings accordingly. Whenever it fails, call in professionals who understand interlocking pavers.