Site Preparation

Site preparation is a crucial step in the interlocking installation process, laying the foundation for a durable and visually stunning outdoor surface.

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Surface interlocking enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is clearing the area of debris and vegetation necessary before interlocking installation?

Clearing the area ensures a clean slate for the project, minimizing obstacles and allowing for a smooth installation process. It also prevents vegetation from growing beneath the interlocking pavers, which can cause unevenness and instability over time.

Why is proper drainage important for interlocking installation?

Proper drainage prevents water from pooling on the surface, which can cause damage to the interlocking pavers and surrounding structures over time. Grading the area away from structures ensures that water flows away from the installation site, reducing the risk of water-related issues.

What is geotextile fabric, and why is it used in site preparation for interlocking installation?

Geotextile fabric is a permeable membrane that is used to prevent weed growth and stabilize the base of the interlocking surface. It acts as a barrier against weeds and helps to maintain the integrity of the installation by providing additional support.

Why is crushed gravel added to the site preparation process?

Crushed gravel serves as a base material for the interlocking pavers, providing stability and support. When compacted, it creates a solid foundation that helps to prevent settling and ensures the longevity of the interlocking surface.

What is the purpose of applying a layer of coarse sand during site preparation?

Coarse sand is applied on top of the compacted gravel base to create a smooth and level surface for the interlocking pavers. It also helps to fill any gaps between the pavers, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

How can I ensure that site preparation for interlocking installation is done correctly?

Hiring a professional contractor like Interlocking Toronto ensures that site preparation is done to industry standards and best practices. Our experienced team has the expertise and equipment necessary to properly prepare the site for a successful interlocking installation.